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16 May 2006

Will I ever learn?

So when my company sent me to London for three+ months, I introduced my parents to Skype so we could talk often without breaking the bank. Immediately upon arriving in London, I realized that I should have given them a bit more direction on Skype etiquette.

I use Skype quite a bit to talk to colleagues all over the world, so I was often on conference calls on Skype, or talking to people about work stuff. But my parents assumed that if I was online, and they could see me, I could talk. So they would call all the time. And I would send them a text chat to tell them that I couldnt talk right then. But they would just keep calling and calling, not thinking to look at the blinking little box that appeared on their screen with a message from me. I finally got them to start sending me an IM first, asking if I could talk and after that, everything was fine.

Now, you would think I would remember this, but NO. They have been enjoying using Skype so much to call family and friends in Israel and Argentina, that when I saw this news today, about the ability to make calls to landline and mobile phones within the US and Canada for free with Skype, I thought I would let them know so they could call my aunts in New York and New Jersey, etc.

I should have known that they would take this as license to call ME. My work phone. My cell phone. My home phone. Why? Because they can. Now I know why my brother refuses to download Skype. Eh, at least I made them happy and we have a new Skype development to talk about.


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