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16 May 2006

News Round-up

A quick survey of news items that caught my eye today. Some funny, some serious, some interesting, some just silly:

Bill Clinton on Canada's healthcare system:

The answer to Canada's health-care woes does not lie in the "insane" system in place south of the border, former U.S. president Bill Clinton said last night.

Can I mention how much I wish he could run for President again?

This article, misleadingly entitled: "Bird flu -- the battle could be over," which goes on to say that it isn't:

He warns that the killer virus, which emerged in South-East Asia in 2003, could still mutate into a more virulent strain which could become a human pandemic.

3) My pure, unadulterated dismay that Paris Hilton continues to be any kind of celebtiry; and my glee upon reading this article, which describes how she made an ass of herself at E3 -- the big gaming industry event:

On May 11, hotel heiress and socialite Paris Hilton not only showed up late to endorse her upcoming cell phone game, but she also called it by the wrong name. "Sorry I'm late. I'm really excited to have my new videogame, Diamond Quest," she announced proudly to the gawking crowds. Problem is, the name of the Gameloft game -- which appeared in large letters behind the celebrity -- is "Paris Hilton's Jewel Jam." Ouch! Night-vision goggles are not required to play this handheld puzzle diversion. Ahem.

4) How all the US phone companies -- Verizon is the latest -- are starting to deny that they turned phone records over to the NSA. If no one supplied them then where did they get them?

5) Palestinian gunmen
storm mobile phone company, protesting that their cellphone service was cut off. The article goes on to talk about other shooting incidents today. And Abbas has extra security because there are indications that Hamas or Islamic Jihad might take him out. This ain't good for the Palestinians and it ain't good for Israel.

Blackbeard's cannon on display! I just think real-life contact with pirate relics is cool.

7) "
Israeli dates (the food, not the maddening pendulum of excitement followed by disappointment when you learn that he is unnaturally attached to his dog, mother, college buddies, etc., which is endured by singles in their 30s) at the forefront of shift in market trends." An article on Israeli dominance in date production -- and the global conference on dates (again, the food, not the phenomenon) held in Israel this week and attended by date farmers from Egypt, Morocco and Abu Dhabi, among other place. Wacky!

8) Getty Museum returning some antiquities to Greece:
After four hours of talks here with the Greek culture minister, the director of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles said Tuesday that he would press for the return of some of the Getty's most prized ancient artifacts to Greece.

I have always wondered how countries like Greece, Egypt, Italy, etc. feel about national treasures residing elsewhere. Wonder if this will open the door to other countries asking for their stuff back. And I don't know how I feel about that.


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