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22 March 2006

Parental Advisory

Sorry about the posting delay! On Friday, my parents arrived for nine fun-filled days in my small one bedroom apartment. Which is mostly a lot of fun, but does not afford me much privacy to write (or anything, really!)

Last night, I returned exhausted from two days in Germany and the Netherlands – long meeting schedule, train trips, flights delayed, all sorts of travel mishaps, just wanting to take a bath, order room service and go to bed. And when I walked in the door, my parents were literally waiting by the door in their coats – “Let’s go to a pub for dinner! We’ve been waiting for you! We want to take you out! You probably need a beer! etc.” Was so sweet but so the opposite of what I wanted at that moment in time. (Look for a subsequent post, probably later today, in which you will learn that I was totally hungover and wanted to die, actually, not go to a pub and have another beer!)

I love having them here, and they're great. It's just that whenever they are not out and about touring, they want to spend every moment with me. If I open up my laptop, my dad will literally come sit next to me to see what I am typing. If I go to the bathroom, I will hear them calling out to ask "where are you?" It's a one-bedroom apartment! Where do they think I am? So my writing will be a bit sporadic... but I have no doubt, worth it.

Some parental visit highlights for your amusement --

My dad's constant asking in every pub whether they have "any beer at all that is served cold?" And he knows the answer -- that British cold beer
isn't American cold beer. But yet, he enjoys the exchange for some insane reason!

My Mom's obsession with taking photos of the kids with mohawks at Camden Market. Hilarious, but oh-so-kooky parental!

Their shared love of the supermarket. They go to Tesco every day to
buy hilarious stuff. Chocolate-covered ginger biscuits, taramasalata and
croissants one day. Dove soap, orange juice, cheddar cheese and plums the next. Evcery day -- some other weird amalgamation of purchases!

And of course, their well-meaning but slightly amusing obsession with my having a good breakfast. Usually, my breakfast consists of coffee and
cigarettes. Occasionally, a yogurt. My father wakes up every morning
to make me a full on breakfast complete with omelette before they leave for their sightseeing. It's so funny. On Monday, when I had to leave for
the airport early, they got up early to make breakfast and eat with me before I left on my trip. Was so sweet (and hilarious!)

Next up: Why traveling with sales people is bad news for your liver. Plus, how cool are the Dutch?


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