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11 March 2006

My Big Fat Greek Trip

Ok, so not an original post headline, but I've got a lot of ground to make up and couldn't be bothered to be original. I was traveling all last week and didn't post at all (which some of you have kindly pointed out -- a few times -- via email.) So I'll start with my trip to Athens.

I was in Athens for business. Arrived Tuesday night for a Wednesday morning meeting. After a few drinks with my colleagues, we met some people from one of our partners for dinner. Apparently, it IS possible to get a bad Greek meal in Athens. Was so so disappointing. But Greece itself is amazing. The people are wildly friendly -- in fact, they refer to everyone as "my friend" -- as in "My friend, where are you from?" or "My friend, where would you like to go?" or "My friend, to the right is the Acropolis."

On Wednesday morning we got in a taxi for the drive to our meeting. We get in and the driver is like, "What time is your meeting?" We say 10 and he responds, "Oh, don't worry, in Athens there is a lot of traffic, so they really mean 'about 10.' You actually have until 10:30 to get there." And he wasn't kidding. it took almost an hour to go 6 km.

On the way, I had one stupid American experience. I'm sitting in the back of the taxi, kinda zoning out and tired, when we pass this gorgeous building with Greek letters on it. My first thought is, "Wow. That's a nice fraternity house," before I realize that actually I am an idiot and its a government building, not a freaking US college fraternity house. Damn those freaking homophobic fake college clubs that ruin the GREEK LANGUAGE, and make me look like an ass. Thankfully, I didn't say anything out loud, but I don't even like looking like an ass to myself.

The other cool thing about taxi drivers in Athens is that they like to serve as tour guides, and you can't drive around Athens without seeing something cool, like the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus or the stadium where they held the first modern Olympic games.

Had a much better dinner at the harbor the second night and even got a taxi driver to take me to the Acropolis and wait for me to climb up and see it before taking me to the airport on Thursday. I am definitely going back!


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