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11 March 2006

Hungarian Politics

So I also went to Hungary on this last trip, and I'll write all about the cool stuff I saw and how much I liked it in a subsequent post, but first, I just HAVE to write about this fantastic article I read in the Budapest Times -- an English language paper I found in my hotel room when I checked in.

I have located it online, so you can read the whole thing here, if you like. It has got what I believe is one of the best headlines I have ever read in a non-satirical news outlet: Fidesz accuses Gyurcsány of saying “Hungary can blow me” -- have you ever seen a better headline?!?!

Here's an excerpt, copied word for word from the article:

The main opposition party last Thursday continued its negative election campaign against the ruling Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) with a claim that Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány told the nation to “blow him.”

Fidesz political communications director, Tamás Deutsch-Für, referred to a picture in which Gyurcsány appeared to be pointing his thumb in the general direction of his crotch.

“Hungary can blow me [Magyarország bekaphatja],” said Deutsch-Für. “This is what Gyurcsány was saying with this gesture.”

Deutsch-Für called for a press conference to interpret the photograph, taken in Karcag, central Hungary, saying that Gyurcsány made the “foulest possible” gesture in response to criticism from locals.

This is fantastic. I wish American newspapers spent more time at press conferences analyzing the gestures (and idiotic facial expressions) of American politicians. The tone and seriousness of this article just made me realize that I would have a good time in Hungary even before I actually unpacked my suitcase and headed out into the city.

Oh, and I also appreciate that I now know (as a result of the helpful translation in the article) how to say "Hungary can blow me" if I ever get into an altercation with a Hungarian.


At 12:44 PM, Blogger a13xa9dr1a said...

"I did NOT have sex with that woman!" would've sounded so much more believable if he had just said, "blow me."

God love the Hungarians.


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