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04 March 2006

Food Hall Fun

I spent a fabulous afternoon in the Harrod's Food Hall today. I love that place. (The Krispy Kreme stall -- complete with HUGE line -- notwithstanding. Can someone please explain that to me? How Krispy Kreme made it into the Harrod's Food Hall? What's next? Dunkin' Donuts? Arby's?) Anyway, other than that, there's something about that space that causes all sense of reason to go out the window. But its just so fabulous, you can't help youself.

I went absolutely nuts. Teas, pastries, cheeses and a bunch of prepared foods. I got to one stand and they had the most amazing-looking prepared middle-eastern dishes and I went wild. Bought everything I wanted.

My dad called me this evening and I was telling him all about it. Going on and on... How I bought falafel, and stuffed grape leaves and tabouleh and moussaka'a, etc. And as I'm teling him the story, I'm like, "yeah, it was only a pound twenty per grape leaf and a pound per falafel, and I got a ton. I'm gonna have to make sure I don't eat it all at once." And my dad is laughing, saying, "You paid $2 per falafel ball? Are you nuts? I hope you love them!"

So apparently, I got sucked into the mania that is the Harrod's Food Hall... and that's OK. Next time, I might skip the falafel, though...


At 4:16 PM, Blogger a13xa9dr1a said...

Dont worry about the cost. We can go to Toronto this summer and buy falafel for $.01USD :: 3bil CAD. it will totally cancel out your Harrod's falafel spree. Honestly.


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