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25 February 2006

US Ports Flap

You know, when Al Jazeerah writes an editorial, it would be helpful if the writer wasn't INSANE. Now, I know you are sitting there saying, "Um, did you really expect them NOT to be insane?" but I'm telling you, this one takes the cake.

In this OpEd in which the writer -- surprise, surprise -- calls the opposition to the UAE-based company running US ports racist, the most obvious instance of insanity is the following quote:

The deal's opponent claim that Dubai Ports World is owned by a foreign government whose nationals were involved in September 11 attacks on the U.S., but nobody cited similar concern when the ports were under the management of a British firm, despite the fact that some “terrorists” have also carried British passports. No concerns were ever raised about the UK involvement in the U.S. ports, although the British Army once burned Washington.

Now, leaving aside the audacious use of quotataion marks around the word terrorists, as if people who fly planes into buildings and blow up trains aren't terrorists, can we just spend a minute on this argument about the British Army burning Washington DC? This occurred in the year 1814. Not 2001. Are they idiots?

Sadly, the masses who turn to Al Jazeerah for their news probably won't know when the War of 1812 took place, so I suppose they might think it happened on Clinton's watch, before Bush and Blair fell in love.

I'm not going to comment here on the overriding issue, because I'm conflicted in how I feel about this controversy. On the one hand, discriminating against a country because of its ethnic/religious make-up is wrong (and if I don't want that done to Israel, I can't advocate it being done to other countries), on the other, it's not like this is just random racism.. There do seem to be security issues involved...

But I WILL comment on Al Jazeerah's stupidity. Go ahead and make your argument, but come on. 9/11 + 7/7 does not equal 1812. Not even close. And in saying it does, you just look STUPID.


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