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01 February 2006

Poke in the Eye

You gotta love France. In my case, its because of their ability -- and propensity -- to poke people in the eye. Like, for example, A French newspaper's reprinting of the offending Mohammed cartoons that have resulted in death threats and boycotts against Danish citizens, businesses and interests across the Arab world. Read about it here.

As a result of its colonialist past, France has more Muslim residents than any other European country, and ps, I think they're still pretty angry about not being respected. At least you would think so given the riots that happened all over France not that long ago. Just a guess, really, but that's what I'm thinking.

And yet, they say to the Muslim world (and their Muslim citizens), "you make me laugh wis your seellee flag burnings and threats of death. Viva la liberte! Look at zee cartoons again!"

I mean, I'm as into free speech as anyone. But is it necessary to fan the flames? Its just so stupid. And so provacative. And so, so French. Gotta love it.

On a related note, I highly recommend another blog coming out of Cairo -- Egyptian Sandmonkey -- who's got a great, amusing, on the ground take on the whole Danish boycott and everything else under the sun. Check it out here.


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