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26 February 2006

More Cartoon Craziness

Honestly, I can't believe I'm posting YET ANOTHER crazy story about cartoons, but apparently, dissecting cartoondom is now in vogue. If brown was last season's black, then apparently, cartoons are this season's brown.

With a hat tip to The Sandmonkey, I'd like to direct you to this post at Respectful Insolence, entitled "Tom & Jerry: a nefarious Jewish plot." Apparently, at Iran's universities, they are teaching that Jews are controlling the minds of children and spreading propaganda through Tom & Jerry.

Honestly, this one has me stumped. (I thought for sure no one would figure that one out... I mean, we've been hiding that little mind control strategy since 1940 when the cartoon debuted. It's only taken 66 years. Mazal Tov, Mr. Iranian Professor, on your incredible stick-to-it-iveness and powers of deductive reasoning.)

Read the article, though. It's pretty funny (if you forget to be scared for minute) and the comments at the end are excellent, too.

As promised, I'll keep bringing you the cartoon action as it happens.

ps -- Superfriends is also a Jewish plot. Aquaman. Israel has a coastline. Get it? Just wanted to save you a few decades and let you in on that one now.


At 4:12 PM, Blogger a13xa9dr1a said...

I bet the professor is really Pres. Jintao. He really has a bug up his ass about this cartoon thing, huh?

There is merit here, though. Look closely: RoadRunner is an Indian and the poor Coyote is the Pakistani. I mean how many times did that poor coyote try to get that roadrunner out of his desert land? Roadrunner with his flashy Bollywood colors mesmerizing children like a snakecharmer. Poor coyote tried to build his own bombs with no success and when he tried to buy foreign Acme products, little did he know Roadrunner had control over all outsourced Acme products. Kaboom. And the 'Runner's constant taunts: 'Bib Bib!' A shortened version of "Habib! Habib!" This is pure unadulterated toon propaganda furthering the misconception that Pakistanis are Wile E. bomb building land hogging desert blunderers. I can only pray that Professor/Jintao will cleanse the earth of this mindcontrol terror.

Dont even get me started on Foghorn Leghorn and Henery Hawk/ North and South Korea issue.


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