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05 February 2006

Make Sense?

When a Danish newspaper publishes offensive cartoons, assuming you choose non-violent means to protest (rather than, say, burning down embassies...), who does it make sense to target? Here are your choices:
1) The publisher of the newspaper ?
2) The entire industry of the country where the paper is published?
3) All of Europe?

WRONG AGAIN -- it was a trick question. Obviously, you'll want to take full advantage of this opportunity to lash out at the Jews! Especially if you happen to live in Europe and would find it rather inconvenient to (a) never buy anything in the country you live in again and (b) be arrested for burning down buildings in the EU when you actually live in the EU.

That's right, apparently, The Arab-European League decided to fight back against the offensive Mohammed cartoons by publishing a cartoon of Anne Frank in bed with Hitler, some Holocaust-doubting cartoons and other lovely anti-Jewish comics as "an exercise in free speech." Read about it here. And by the way, just so you save yourself the trouble, I googled this topic eight different ways and apparently, the only non-Israeli news outlet who thought to cover this is in Canada. For coverage, check out the web sites of Ynetnews, Haaretz or the Jerusalem Post. The leader of the AEL, btw, also suggested Muslims use the Danish flag as toilet paper. Seriously. At least according to the Iranian News Agency -- read about it here.

So you're probably thinking, as I was, that some of the cartoonists, or the publisher of the paper, or someone else involved in getting the cartoons out there was Jewish. You know, a kind of "you insulted me, I'll insult you, and see how you feel" lesson. Well, I googled that 20 different ways, and couldn't find evidence of that either. And given that Denmark is overwhelmingly Christian, I'm not surprised. So please tell me, what is the purpose of this "exercise in free speech?"

I actually found the original Mohammed cartoons racist and offensive. But I also believe in free speech. I do think that there were ways that Muslims could have made their voices heard. But threatening Europeans, burning down embassies and dragging a group that has nothing to do with this is undermining the cause. And is showing that extremist groups within the Muslim world never miss an opportunity to share their own brand of racism with the world. That is, if anyone other than other Jews bother to notice this latest crazy reaction to the controversy.

BTW, the AEL's cartoons are on the group's web site, along with some really smarmy language about "free speech" but I just can't bring myself to provide a link.


At 9:41 AM, Blogger muse said...

like Daddy Bush's Gulf War

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Jack's Shack said...

Few things like this surprise me anymore, sadly.

At 12:22 PM, Blogger Bubah3000 said...

I know. I know. These things really aren't surprising. It just infuriates me that not one global media outlet covered it. Like, "hello, how can you not tell this part of the story?"


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