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05 February 2006

It Haunts Me

I'm in Boston -- for a quick weekend before heading to a company meeting in Florida, then off to Barcelona for work, and some pleasure as well.

So today is Superbowl Sunday, a fact that totally escaped me before I came home, as they don't publicize that sort of thing in the UK. So the "other" TV channels are running specials to try and capture viewers who don't watch the Superbowl. And guess what TNT is running all freaking day today? A CHARMED marathon. Because I don't get enough of that 5x a day in the UK.

I bet Liftetime is running a Golden Girls marathon, Sci-Fi Network is running a Quantum Leap marathon, Cartoon Network is running a Futurama marathon and Fashion TV is running a Tyra talk show marathon. Just my freaking luck.


At 3:27 PM, Blogger a13xa9dr1a said...

I know what someone wants for her BIRTHDAY! I just dont know whether to get you one season of each or all the seasons of one show. Guess there has to be some surprise for you!!

You make it too easy for us, Liora, too easy.


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