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01 February 2006

Got Net!

So I have Internet access again. Finally! Although it hasn't been without its challenges. I got my company into the act, and they threatened the hotel manager with moving me out and not paying. The hotel then wrote back to my company saying that I REFUSED to meet with their technician. I immediately sent off a nastygram (that coincided with my internet finally being fixed!) and I'm gonna share that with all of you because I am so proud of my angry writing skills.

Here it is:

I have just seen the email string regarding the internet situation. I categorically DID NOT refuse to see the technician on Monday. When he arrived, after waiting all day (and not having internet access for four days), I was on the phone with an important customer. When the staff came to tell me that the technician had arrived, I said that I was finishing my phone conversation (I had already lost quite a bit of work time and was frankly explaining to the customer why she had not received the documents she was requesting -- a direct result of my not being able to do work in my apartment).

I hung up in less than 10 minutes, went directly to the desk to ask to see the technician and was told that he left because there were no problems. I was not casually chatting with friends, but rather, trying to repair damage to a customer relationship that was a direct result of the issues I was having with the internet in my apartment.

This is a far cry from my "declining to see the technician and saying I was too busy." If you recall, from our conversation yesterday, I have been repeatedly ASKING to speak to the service provider. Given the level of stress I have undergone and my lost work time, it is absurd to suggest that I would not want to be involved in getting this resolved.

The technician has been here this morning, and for the moment, the internet access does appear to be working. However, I must say that this practice of "blaming the customer", not communicating and not following up, but rather pointing fingers and passing blame is not in line with the level of customer service I experienced prior to this incident. Other than CXXXX on the Royal Service Desk, my dealings with almost everyone else at the hotel in regard to this matter have been either disappointing, or downright infuriating.

I trust that now that my internet is working, and I have brought these issues to your attention, I will again experience the type of service for which the hotel is known and I had experienced prior to this unfortunate, drawn-out incident. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss this further.

Feel free to use any part of this diatribe if you have any angry letters to write. And btw, I am still waiting for my complementary bottle of apology champagne...


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