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12 February 2006

Fireworks in Barcelona

I'm in Barcelona after spending half a day in Boston (in transit). I used my few hours in Boston to go to the dentist. Apparently, when they gave me novocaine, they hit a nerve, resulting in a good 5 hours of an inability to speak, eat or drink any liquids whatsoever. My attempts at ordering a smoothie were rather embarrassing, as I tried to take a sip in the store and ended up with the drink all over my sweater... Good times.

At least I can eat and drink now that I'm in Barcelona. Last night, my co-worker made me walk all over the city with her while she looked for "interesting socks" -- seriously. Interesting socks. Ummm, ok?

She also kept talking about terrorism. I tried to explain to her that to the best of my knowledge, no newspapers in Barcelona printed the Mohammed cartoons, but she insisted that we should be vigilant. (BTW, CNN Europe's coverage seems to now be composed 50% of bird flu and 50% of the cartoons)

So about 10 minutes after this "terrorism" conversation, we're walking down the street and we see a parade. She starts getting all nervous, because she fears the terrorists will attack the parade. She even says to me, "We should get off this street. It's unsafe to be among crowds as that is where terrorists are most likely to hit." Now, starting tomorrow we're going to be at a tradeshow of like 40,000 people, but she's worried about parades.

Meanwhile, this is a main shopping thoroughfare, but she's convinced someone is going to attack the parade. Just as she's trying to hustle me off the street, some firecrackers go off as part of the parade -- she FREAKS OUT and starts screaming, "I told you so!" Meanwhile, I am on the ground laughing hysterically as all the little children on the street are pointing at the grown woman who is afraid of firecrackers.


At 3:06 PM, Blogger a13xa9dr1a said...

Yeah, it's probably safer if you get out of populous areas and start walking down deserted dark alleys. Especially when theres a noisy parade so no one can hear your screams coming from the deserted dark alley. Your coworker has loads of streetsmarts. And socks apparently.

At 3:19 PM, Blogger a13xa9dr1a said...

Hey isnt euro CNN covering the Olympics a little bit? I mean b/t bird flu and terrorist cartoons there probably isnt that much room for one more paranoia/scare byte like THE OLYMPICS. CNN is the only one who called in to check viewer ratings during 9/11 so they probably know best about what to air...


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