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31 January 2006

Tech Woes

So for the past five days, I haven’t been able to access the internet from my apartment. I live in a hotel – 350 guest rooms and 120 apartments. When I moved in, I thought “what a sweet set-up – hotel amenities like concierge, excellent service, etc. – with apartment living.”

Well, things haven’t turned out that well. Today, after four days of not having internet access, and being confronted with people who sympathize, but don’t actually get the urgency of working remotely with our colleagues minus internet access (or worse, trying to do a full day’s work from Starbucks), I decided to take things into my own hands and literally stumbled my way into the back halls and hidden office areas of the hotel looking for someone to help me. Lots of people promised to help me, but it’s now 10:40 pm and I still have no internet access.

They set me up with a wi-fi account (which for tedious reasons I can’t bear to rehash, isn’t possible in my apartment) in the premier guest lounge, which was fun at first while I enjoyed smiling waitresses bringing me complimentary glasses of champagne while I worked, but quickly lost its luster.

Especially when, in the middle of trying to meet a deadline, a lovely retired gentleman sat down next to me and introduced himself. And then proceeded to describe his estate in Yorkshire, and the 8000 trees he’s planted on the property over the last 20 years – in e-x-c-r-u-c-i-a-t-i-n-g detail. He then directed me to a horticultural web site on my laptop and proceeded to go through different varieties of trees, clicking on the pictures and explaining the unique properties of each one.

He was lovely, and I very much wish that I had had the time to actually enjoy speaking with him. But instead, I had just come off a dramatic scene in the lobby with the apartments manager threatening to pack all of my things and leave if I didn’t get some resolution. I also went on a tirade about customer service, the amount of money my company is paying and the lack of urgency and respect the entire company had shown me. And finally, culminating in the dreaded, “I work in PR. I can ruin you with some well-placed phone calls to business and travel editors.” (I didn’t mention my career shift and the fact that I would have to get my former colleagues who still actually DO work in PR to make the calls, but whatever….

They promised to deal with it in the morning. I have a scary feeling I may be discussing gardening again for at least part of the day tomorrow. More champagne, please!


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