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22 January 2006

Stop Calculating

OK, so I don't know if I should continue calculating the GBP:USD exchange rate in my head.

Susanne came to visit from Copenhagen this weekend, and we had a great time. On Saturday, we went to lunch and shopping on The King's Road. Excellent sales and really really fun.

So I decided to stop calculating the hell out of every purchase and just buy things that seemed "reasonable" and fun. I actually "needed" a few things, so thought I should buy those things and not worry too much as long as the prices "seemed about right."

I had a great day shopping and didn't really overdo. But later, when I started doing the math, I realized what I paid for things... And it wasn't TERRIBLE, but it was more than I thought. Still, I don't want to be paralyzed by the weakness of the dollar while I am here. What's a girl to do? On the upside, other than the pants I bought at FCUK, most items can't be purchased in the US. (and in my defense, even the FCUK stock seems to be different in the UK than on Newbury Street)

Comments providing justification for shopping freely welcome...


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