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17 January 2006


So I'm in Dusseldorf for my first-ever trip to Germany. I'm here on business, and have to be honest and say that I never actually thought I would travel to Germany. It's just not been of interest to me. And while I know that its not good to harbor bad feelings, I don't feel great about the country, the excellent movie by Israeli director Eytan Fox -- Walk on Water -- notwithstanding.

So it was definitely weird getting off the plane -- in part because usually in other countries to which I've traveled in Europe, I have at least some working knowledge of the language. I can read French and know generally what it means, and even say some basic things. I can make myself understood (and even delight old people with my effort) in Spanish and Italian. But here, I've got nothing. Not a word of German, I don't think. In fact, I mistook a carpark payment station for an ATM. The people around me as I swore and banged on the machine were quite amused (I can only hope that I'm not the first idiot to make that mistake!)

Some other tidbits (and I've only been here about two hours!):

My taxi driver had on a shirt that said, "Can I lick it?"

Apparently, you can watch ER dubbed in German and pretty much understand everything that is going on

Trying to order a Caesar salad from room service and asking for "no bacon" apparently means, "add chicken instead." I don't know why this is.

"Italian food" in my German hotel blows. (unless you like egg noodles and oven-burnt cherry tomatoes with Muenster cheese)


At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Dave Moore said...


Ja, da German way of life is a bit different dan you're used to. Even more interesting, Dusseldorf is da fashion capital for our Sprocketfrendshen, so if you think dere might be more hip cats in Berlin, don't think so. Anyway, keep up da writing, I've been enjoying da entries -- especially those about me!

Love ya,


At 8:27 PM, Blogger Bubah3000 said...

All I wanted to do in my business meeting today was take pictures of the other people around the table and post them here, but somehow thought that might be bad form! The glasses, the hairstyles, the uber-sprocket sensibilities. It was just too much. Thankfully, there were some people from the Spain office there as well, so I felt a bit less ethnically and mediterannean-ly insane. Still, I really dig their funky glasses here is Dusseldorf! And their beer is quite good, as well.


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