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17 January 2006

Re: Dusseldorf

Just received this message via email from one of my friends (am protecting his/her identity to protect him/her from angry emails from Germanophiles):

"Pick me up a duffelbag in Dusseldorf. Just head over to Hans and Franz
market, they have everything "

LOL. Classic.


At 7:09 PM, Anonymous LouisLewis said...

Forget the Eurythmics, dude. While in Dusseldorf, be sure to stock up on David Hasselhof CDs - that is if you can even find 'em. Could very well be sold out.

At 2:57 AM, Blogger Bubah3000 said...

Yes! In the immortal words of Norm MacDonald -- "Germans love David Hasselhoff!"


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