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07 January 2006

Positive Energy to Sharon

I never expected to feel the way I do about Ariel Sharon. I certainly never expected to start crying when I heard he had had a stroke. And I find myself following the news constantly... (in fact, I fly to London tomorrow and find it maddening that I'll be on a plane for hours with no access to up-to-the-minute news like you can get on the Internet.)

Tonight, Yediot Ahronot ( has a headline that states, "PM will likely survive." I don't know how I feel about the way the news is being handled. Earlier this week, Condi cancels a trip "in case she has to go to Jerusalem." (subtext being: in case she has to go to a funeral.) Now he will "likely survive." Something about this speculation just isn't sitting right with me. And the fact that speculation is news is just another example of this need to constantly update the story... (probably to feed news junkies like me.)

I understood the news media's need to speculate on who would take power if Sharon didn't survive. Now that it is fairly clear that he won't be able to resume his duties as Prime Minister, that discussion isn't really necessary. And I just don't like people playing with karma and talking about whether someone's going to live or die.

In any case, I hope that tonight brings Mr. Sharon more rest and recuperation. I hope he knows how much positive energy is being sent in his direction and that his commitment to Israel is being returned to him in people's thoughts.


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