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27 January 2006

Note to Self

Dear Self,

Are you an idiot?

You neither live in Ireland, nor drink Guinness EVER, so why on earth would you stay up until 3:45 am going Guinness for Guinness with the locals? Especially since you had to present at a meeting with a business partner at 8:45 am? Have you learned nothing over these past 36 years? You're not 25 anymore, my friend.

Although I must commend you for waking up on time, not vomiting during your meeting and ordering fried fish, potatoes cooked three different ways, green beans and an endless supply of diet coke and cappuccino for lunch when you all went to another bar. It did set you up nicely to be a little less peaked during the afternoon session.

Nice work on turning what could have been a mess into a great meeting. And try not to do that again any time soon.



At 4:02 PM, Anonymous a13xan9dr1a said...

Dear Blarney Barfy Bram,
You must suck up said behavior and go back to Ireland: I miss writing "daft fooker" and the like. Sorry about your liver; this behavior is not bad, rather, the TIMING was bad. Am sure you will overdrink at more appropriate times from now on. You've always been a quick learner.

Cant wait until youre back stateside and we can order poof drinks. You'll be back to Boston Barfy Bram in no time.

Alcoholic Anon Alex

At 5:19 PM, Blogger Bubah3000 said...

i AM a "daft fooker" so go ahead and type it. you are right -- it's all about the timing. but honestly, did you ever picture me pounding multiple guinnesses (guinnessi?) and keeping with up with experienced guinness guys? and honestly, the day before a meeting? so so daft.


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