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19 January 2006

The Irony of the Mid East

Within 24 hours, I read two news stories that blow my mind when you look at them together:

Suicide and Sesame Street: New children's TV show brought to you by the letter V, the number 72 and Hamas

Suicide Bomber strikes in central Tel Aviv. May all the victims have a full and speedy recovery from their injuries.

Does anyone else ever just feel TIRED of all this? It's just a bizarro world where the NY Times can un-ironically run these stories two days in a row.

And I wish I could just continue to write about Canadians and Germans, and make Sprocket and David Hasselhoff jokes. But instead, the reality of a very bad situation that isn't getting any better has to intrude. And something tells me that Uncle Hamzi of Hamas/Sesame Street isn't going to make things any better...


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