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23 January 2006

Internet Legend?

So I've gotten a couple of forwards of an email going around about Al Qaeda selling merchandise on the Web. People appear to be taking this at face value.

A couple of things don't ring true on this one. Most especially one piece of merchandise -- a tight fitting women's tank top. As you may recall, Osama Bin Laden was closely allied with the Taliban, who I am reasonably sure would have frowned upon such items of clothing, seeing as most women in Afghanistan couldn't even show their EYES when they were in power. I am reasonably sure that observant Muslims (or shall I say hyper-observant in Al Qaeda's case) wouldn't be selling a shirt like this. And let's not even bother with the "Made in the USA" label on the shirt. I think that one's too easy, actually.

Look at the site on Cafe Press. I'm reasonably sure it's BS. Sadly, another entity that sells items on Cafe Press is actually real. Beth, Alex, it's our old friend Dave! For those of you not familiar with the Devastating One, I suggest you check it out. Especially the thong. Bubah3000 out!


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