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26 January 2006

Hamas Win

I can't not mention it. (But as promised, balanced this commentary with my whole "I love Dublin" post)

I'm depressed (but not surprised) about any prospects for peace, but hope I'm wrong.

Analysis on includes this:

With Hamas democratically elected into power, a peace process leading to the formation of a Palestinian state is no longer a viable option—unless the organization completely changes its ways. Speaking this morning about the future Palestinian state, Bush seemed to emphasize the word "vision"—meaning something we can look forward to—more forcefully then he has in the past. For right now, though, we can expect Israel to consider further unilateral steps, encouraged by a U.S. administration that has no other options left.

Also, more info here.

My mom said yesterday (surprisingly) that she held out hope that Hamas would become more "realistic" as they participate in the political process. I hope my optimistic mother is right.

For the lighter side, check out AbbaGav's post on the Hamas victory here.


At 5:30 PM, Anonymous alex said...

Yeah this seriously fucks everything up. Israelis better hurry the hell up with their wall. Not that it will stop the MISSILE attacks. But you know that Mammoud, hes just a daft fook whose balls are held by Hamas.
(sorry, Ive really taken to my "daft fook" phrase and cant stop using it.)


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