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30 January 2006

Hamas Fashion

An annoying afternoon got quite funny when my friend Alex sent this picture and an amusing email:

I wish they would just get their plaids matched up. Maybe then I could focus on their rants.
And then the whole group she emailed was off and running. Here's some of the string, in order of receipt, going down the page:

My response:
OMG, am dying laffing. will be posting to the blog -- and
crediting you, of course!

Now THAT'S a posting I'd like to see on the blog, worldgirl! Let's talk about important issues, like the one Alex raises. Mixing plaids are a tremendous hazard to society and need to be analyzed and dealt with post haste.

ah, so now i get it. if i mix politics and fashion, it is interesting.
if i stick to politics alone, i'm scr3wed.

I think you should propose a "help" group for those who need fashion advice when vetting their political views (or angst). It's important to dress the part when protesting.

but isn't there something to be said for telling between the good guys and the bad guys by their fashion choices?

Yes. There can be no world peace without coordination and a
basic understanding of the color wheel. Everyone knows that dressing to kill isnt meant to be taken literally. Maybe we should get the fab five in there. Straighten things out, so to speak.


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