I started this blog because I left Boston to live and work in London for a while, and I wanted to stay in touch with family and friends. I'm back now, but still have plenty of opinions on world news, politics, the media and the absolute craziness that comes from dealing with people. Bring it.

22 January 2006

Fires, Friends and Fun

A huge thank you to Rachel for including me and Sus in her birthday celebration last night. And to Lee, Clare, Ruth, Sam, John and Nick for being so warm and friendly and making me feel so welcome in London. And of course, to Margie in absentia -- you were missed and we're all thinking about you! -- for introducing me to such great people.

We had a fantastic dinner at CVO Firevault. A very cool place downstairs from a fireplace showroom. Check it out here. And also check out their fireplaces... If I had 3300 GBP and somewhere to put something like this, I would definitely buy one!

Dinner, drinks and conversation were great. We then headed to a club for cocktails and dancing until at least 2:30 am. This place was great, with one of my favorite parts being the painting of an old couple wearing Burberry scarves and hats hanging on the wall next to the second floor bar. It's a blurry photo, (it was dark and I was using my phone to take the picture) but you get the gist... Too funny.

Susanne, Rachel, Clare and I tore it up on the dancefloor. Nowhere else have I heard Kanye West to 50 Cent to Basement Jaxx to Michael Jackson to Fatboy Slim mixed on the floor, but somehow it worked. (Maybe it was the champagne + wine + martini + mojito combo, but whatever...) And huge thanks to Clare for taking control with the DJ -- we saw a noticeable improvement every time she got involved.

All in all, a great night and a great experience topped off by a fabulous pub brunch this morning. I could get used to this.


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