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23 January 2006

Fetal Position

According to this story in the New York Times, it might be best for me to stay in London forever. Who the hell wants to live in a country where people compare abortion to the holocaust and call for the equivalent of Nuremberg trials for "feminist abortionists." And where the President CALLS IN TO THE RALLY to offer support, calling the march a "noble cause" and saying:

"You believe, as I do, that every human life has value, that the strong
have a duty to protect the weak, and that the self-evident truths of the
Declaration of Independence apply to everyone, not just to those considered healthy or wanted or convenient," he said. "These principles call us to defend the sick and the dying, persons with disabilities and birth defects, and all who are weak and vulnerable, especially unborn children."

"By changing laws," he added, "we can change our culture."

And what's so scary is that for the past six years, W has called in to this yearly march every time. Has he ever seen how these people verbally attack women entering clinics? Does he not remember the shootings at clinics and murders of doctors? I've worked at clinic defense, and let me tell you, a lot of these people are not "peaceful demonstrators" -- their tactics are trauma-causing.

And does he call into other political demonstrations? Even though Cindy Sheehan lost me when she went after Israel (and off the deep end in general), she did stage the most direct demonstration he's ever had to deal with -- right outside his ranch -- and yet, the man dodged her all Summer. But THIS demonstration he called into?

Since he's such a fan of illegally listening in on people's phone conversations, has he added anti-abortion activists to the list? I mean, some anti-abortion activists have killed people, which is terrorism in my book. How is that any different from illegally and unconstitutionally SPYING on people with dubious ties (at best!) to terrorist activities?

I think I may be staying here until November 2008 at least.


At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That wasn't W calling in. You can tell because it was a coherent comment. Also, W wouldnt know U2 from a uterus so his opinion is valueless to me. The only downfall is that he is president and for whatever reason has some influence. Extremely depressing.


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