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17 January 2006


I always forget how much I actually like Eurythmics... until I leave the U.S. Everywhere other than in America, you hear Eurythmics quite a lot. For example, I have been sitting in a Starbucks doing work for the last three hours, and they have been playing what is clearly a Eurythmics Greatest Hits mix. (multiple times during this three hour period) And you know what? I think I'll pop across the street to the Virgin Megastore and buy it!

So to summarize:
Eurythmics = good
Futurama = bad
Canadians = rising in estimation

(this post is for you, Timmy W!)


At 1:10 PM, Blogger Tim Walsh said...

Now THAT'S a post I like to read! And, the fact that you went to the VMS to buy it? Priceless! I love the Eurythmics too. You have excellent taste in music, my dear, even holiday selections. Who knows, maybe (just maybe) you too can have a wreath on your Snaab next year! OK, before you say it, I know you think its geeky. Fine. I'm a nerd. xxx ooo

At 3:06 PM, Blogger Bubah3000 said...

I think I may skip the wreath next Christmas season, but I am glad we can agree on the Europop. And while you may be a nerd for having a wreath on your car, I'm the one with a blog, so what does that tell you. xoxo


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