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26 January 2006

Dublin > Dusseldorf

I'm in Dublin. I love Dublin. It's much better than Dusseldorf. At least in my opinion, although they are much lower on the funky glasses quotient here, but much higher in everything else.

Friendly friendly friendly! Long convo with taxi driver on everything under the sun. And by the way, I just love the way people just use the word "fuck" here like a valley girl uses "like." You can be talking about your new baby nephew in Ireland, and "fuck me, he's the most fucking beautiful little one you've ever seen."

And THE BEST part was when he dropped me off, and he said "well, you're among the most educated intelligent and traveled Americans I have met in 20 years of driving a taxi. I usually get, 'Hey Martha, isn't this so QUAINT!'" I nearly busted a gut.

As my colleague said, "the Irish boys love you." But of course, I didn't need to travel all the way from Boston to Dublin for that when we've got Southie just down the road. Although, their accents ARE much better here.


At 3:41 PM, Blogger a13xa9dr1a said...

Sweet! Bring me back a fookin' pot 'o gold would ya then? ye plukey faced wanker! Oh Im having all sorts of Crying Game visions.

Dinnae try to find no fookin' cosmo poof drink there, girly. I love it. Try to find some hot Bono types and post their pics on your blog. Jess fookin' do it ya daft fook. Ok Ill stop.

At 11:00 AM, Anonymous a13xa9dr1a said...

What up, Blarney Bram? Im waiting fer me fookin' post o' the fookin' day and there aint shite. Thought ye was in Dooblin.

At 6:26 PM, Anonymous LouisLewis said...

aye. i haven't been online in sem time. dublin you say you're in, eh?
i'm as fookin green as a St. Paddy's Day McShake with jealousy, bejesus.
christ, lassie, jest find me fookin' bono himself an' bring 'im back eyre. ahm beggin' ya.


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