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19 January 2006

Dinner in Dusseldorf

If you're a vegetarian, prepare to have a frustrating time ordering dinner in Dusseldorf.

About 15 of us went to dinner at this great place, and I was the only non-meat-eater. Our waitress was direct from central casting -- "get me an efficient middle-aged German waitress ASAP!" She was great. The minute I drank my last sip of beer, she appeared next to me with a new one. And even guessed when I might want some water... (Luckily, I figured out what she meant when she said, "wasser?")

Other than that, though, we had no common language skills, so imagine how fun it was to try and tell her that I didn't eat meat, when their entire menu (even salads!) was meat-based. The two of us played a mean game of charades for a few minutes, before a German-speaker at the table offered some help. And then I sat back and hoped for the best. After about 20 minutes, I got a huge plate of three different (meatless) salads and a gigantic baked potato stuffed with sour cream and fresh chives. Some of the meat eaters at my table were actually jealous!

Good thing I was only there for a couple of days, though, or I think my food luck would not have continued...


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