I started this blog because I left Boston to live and work in London for a while, and I wanted to stay in touch with family and friends. I'm back now, but still have plenty of opinions on world news, politics, the media and the absolute craziness that comes from dealing with people. Bring it.

11 January 2006

Davey comes to town

London is known for its Indian restaurants. So, when one of my oldest friends, Dave (aka Puff Laddie), came to town on my second night here, we wandered around looking for a place to eat, figuring we'd just pick an Indian restaurant that "looked good." When we passed one that appeared really busy, I figured we couldn't go wrong.

Apparently, I was mistaken. That's a picture of Dave making a face in the restaurant after I sent the samosas back because they were FROZEN in the middle. I wandered into the only bad Indian restaurant in London. Are you surprised?

Apparently, this restaurant buys their samosas at Tesco or Sainsbury's. (do you like I how I'm suddenly casually dropping the names of British supermarkets, rather than saying "Stop & Shop or Shaw's"??! Impressive, no? I'm practically a local now after two and a half days. I also managed to take the tube, a train and a bus to Reading at rush hour while still jetlagged... I mean, really, I should be issued a UK passport at this point.)

And instead of being horrified when I mentioned that they were frozen, the waiter worldlessly took the plate away. About 20 minutes later, he (also wordlessly) brought us another plate. These were so "well-warmed" that they were actually impossible to eat.

I made a game out of gnawing on them when my boss called me during the dinner and I had to pretend to be totally focused on the conversation while trying to keep Dave amused. Apparently, my attempts at biting into the samosas sounded like mm-hmms, yeses, and other signs of assent to my boss and he never guessed that I was playing around with stone-like appetizers and making faces with my friend.

Despite the bad food (now I know where NOT to go for dinner), Dave and I had a good time catching up. Even though he lives in NY, and I usually live in Boston, this was the first time we had seen each other in well over a year. Apparently he'll need to schedule additional business trips if we're going to stay in touch regularly. Although next time we won't go to dinner at 9 pm, since we couldn't find a place to have an after-dinner drink when we got out of Chez Frozen Food... amazingly, we stayed more than two hours despite the horrible experience. Must have been the company.


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