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12 January 2006

Corporate Apartments...

... have pluses and minuses. The pluses include daily maid service, a fabulous location right near Regent's Park, a gym and sauna right downstairs, a concierge, and the ability to order room service whenever I am feeling lazy. (More on the likelihood of me doing this often below...)

The minuses are worthy of a bit more detail. I just noticed that I have the same picture hanging over my bed and in a random corner of my living room. Ain't it a beauty? Now, I knew more than to expect cutting-edge decor in a corporate apartment, but at LEAST they could throw some variety into the boring prints they hung around the place. Or, apparently not...

Also, my kitchen isn't great. It consists of a toaster, a kettle, a coffee maker, a sink and a dorm fridge and two burners. Now, if I was planning on subsisting on a diet of ramen noodles, beer, kraft macaroni and cheese and toast, this would be fine. Instead, I find myself living on a diet of soup, pasta, yogurt, coffee, tea, fruit and toast. And bad Indian restaurants.

The maid service is both a blessing and a curse. I work from home, and most mornings so far, they have cleaned my room first thing in the morning while I was at the gym or out getting coffee. Well, this morning they didn't come during that time, so I figured that when they did show up, I'd take a break from work and pop out and buy some groceries (i.e., more bread, some new varieties of tea, soup).

When the housekeeping staff showed up at 11:15, I headed out to the store, figuring that with all the places they have to clean, it would take 25-30 minutes max, plus they clean every day. I came back with my groceries -- and they weren't done. I put them away and felt wildly uncomfortable while they did an absolutely amazing job, spending more than an hour on my place. While I appreciated this, it was somewhat uncomfortable... So I called down to the concierge and requested that my maid service be scheduled for 8:00 am every day.

Sounds a bit bratty now that I see it in writing...


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