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31 December 2005

True Love?

Maybe it’s because I’m still searching for true love, but I think I am very sensitive to the needs of others searching for their soul mates. That is why I believe that two people – a high school student from Florida and a Brit in Gaza – are meant for each other.

Farris Hassan, despite having no credentials, no experience, no authorization to travel and no command of Arabic, decided to just “go to Iraq” and ask the AP for a job. And Kate Burton, after being kidnapped in Gaza with her parents, thinks her kidnappers are good people and plans to return to Gaza.

Now, you may think I am posting this because I have some negative feelings about Iraq and/or Gaza, or because I am commenting on the intelligence of these two people. But actually, what I think binds these two together is the fact that they clearly have the two strangest sets of parents on earth.

Based on all of the news reports I have seen on both cases, these parents are either wildly naïve, or freakishly confident that their children have guardian angels. The most emotional thing I have heard Hassan’s parents say is that he is going to be grounded. And Burton’s parents apparently support her decision to return to Gaza.

I am reasonably sure that if I took it upon myself to go to a war zone on my own in high school, my dad would hop on a plane and come barrelling into Baghdad in a tank (Note: my father was a tank commander in the Army, so he actually knows HOW to wrest control of and drive a tank. Insert jeep, or UN vehicle here if you're putting yourself in the same position, but you get the drift…) grab me and TAKE MY STUPID ASS HOME.

Similarly, if I was kidnapped, anywhere in the world (with or without my parents) and part of the ordeal featured the production of a video of the kidnappers holding an automatic weapon in my vicinity, once I was freed, my parents would tie me up if necessary, put me on a plane, and TAKE MY STUPID ASS HOME. (And may I just point out again for the record that HER PARENTS WERE KIDNAPPED ALONG WITH HER!)

I've taken an informal poll and most people I have asked agreed that their parents (or alternatively, they, as parents) would react in a similar fashion.

That's why I believe these two could have a real bond. I hope they get to meet soon. Anything anyone can do about hooking them up?

Happy 2006!


At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I giggle when you use the word "freakishly."

At 1:14 PM, Blogger Bubah3000 said...

I can think of three or four people who would giggle at my use of the word "freakishly." Which one of those people are you, Anonymous?

At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mom. Take a guess.
How 'bout dis..."hola ninos, mi llamo matt foley..."
Or how about "I love the smell of 'Fracas' in the morning. Smells like 'misery'"...
Anything?? Anything??
How about I once sat in your apartment smoking my 115th cig of the night, sipping diet Coke with the fleeting hope that it may sober me up enough to not fall asleep in a cab on my way home.
Do I have to register on this site to keep in touch with you? Can my name be Louis Lewis?
Hey, are you in London? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE IN LONDON!?!?!? ;-)

At 2:59 AM, Blogger Bubah3000 said...

Hello, Dahlink! I'm just a caveman. Your ways frighten and confuse me..."

I think you can just give yourself a name... and keep leaving me cluse so I know who you are... You're not Louis Lewis are you??? :)


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